Geely Passenger Vehicle Warranty Policy and Owner’s Rights & Responsibilities


Pre-Delivery Inspection: Before delivering your vehicle to you, we have performed the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) procedures in accordance with the Geely International Corporation (GIC) standards.

Owner’s Responsibility: Regular maintenance carried out by Authorized Geely Dealer according to GIC recommended inspection schedule is the key to the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Warranty Transferability: The warranty coverage applies to the vehicle regardless of a change in ownership is transferable to subsequent owners within the warranty period. – The subsequent owners shall certainly take over the letter of warranty for the vehicle.


Warranty Period: The Extended warranty coverage on your new Geely vehicle is for Five (5) years or 150,000 km whichever comes first, which covers Engine & Transmission (Manual or Automatic) 

The Basic warranty coverage on your new Geely vehicle, including all parts and labor, is for Four (4) years or 100,000 km*, whichever comes first.

(Exclude normal wear and maintenance items with specific exceptions* mentioned below.)


A- Not Covered by Warranty: Regular consumption lubricant, regular consumption lubricating grease, regular consumption brake oil, regular consumption coolant, regular consumption washer fluid, regular consumption A/C refrigerant.

B- Three (3) Years or 60,000 km: Paint, shock absorber, ball joint, cable, glass, bearing, horn, cigarette lighter, window regulator, rubber parts, generator, starter, high tension lead component, ignition coil, belt, TWC, thermostat, turbocharger, clutch pressure plate, sensor, actuator, all oil seal, brake disc, reverse lamp switch, multimedia unit, wiper motor, door lock, all lamps, exhaust pipe, water pump, hand feeling switch.

C- One (1) Year or 20,000 km: Battery.

D- Three (3) Months or 5,000 km: Tires, brake pad, clutch friction plate, air filter, A/C filter, oil filter, gasoline filter, spark plug, remote battery, lamp bulb, wiper blade, fuse and relay (exclude integrated control unit)


What is covered by the Warranty:

Repair or replacement of a component originally manufactured and installed by Geely that is found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance, except items specifically referred to in the section entitled “What is not covered by the warranty”.

What is not covered by the Warranty: Damage or failure resulting from:

   1- Negligence of the periodical inspections and/or services as specified above in this policy.

   2- Misuse, abuse, overload, accident, theft, flooding and fire.

   3- Use of improper amounts or types of gasoline, oils or lubricants.

   4- Use of parts/components other than Geely Genuine Parts at Geely authorized Dealer..

   5- Any device or accessories not supplied by GIC.

   6- Modifications, alterations, tampering or improper repairs.

   7- Slight irregularities reasonably not recognized as affecting the normal functioning of the vehicle or its parts.

   8- Damages from airborne fall-out, industrial fall-out, acid rain, salt, hail, wind and storms.

   9- Very slight, not significantly visible scratches, dents or similar body and paint irregularities.

   10- The breakage or scratching of glass occurring after delivery of the vehicle to the customer..


IMPORTANT: Any vehicle whose odometer reading has been altered will result in the automatic termination of its warranty policy and it is strictly prohibited for any after-sale work (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Body and paint, ECU alteration.) to be carried out by a non-Geely Authorized Repair Dealer, otherwise, the warranty will be voided. Your vehicle’s warranty may be voided if the routine maintenance operations are not performed in accordance with the guidelines outlined herein;  the safety and durability of your vehicle may also be adversely affected. If the vehicle experiences failure of any of its parts/components as a result of service conducted by a non-Geely Authorized Repair Dealer, the warranty on the failed part(s)/component(s) will be voided.